Low Cost Group Health Insurance

Low cost group health insurance is an affordable coverage plan offered to employees or members of profit and non-profit organizations. The group health insurance plans have many contributors and there are various policies that provide more services to each participant, at a lower cost. The insured get health insurance premiums at affordable rates and all the necessary medical facilities. This plan is also referred to as low cost group health insurance. Most companies provide their employees with low cost group health insurances. The facility is also made available to the staff of churches and labor unions.Some of the policies of low cost group health insurance involve the participation of an HMO or health maintenance organization or other major medical associations, such as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Most of these policies do not restrict the insurers to go to particular physicians or specialists, except for the HMO policies, which often restrict the patients to consult doctors on their panel. Low cost group health insurance policies cover emergency as well as routine medical procedures. The medical treatments also include eye and dental care, though the coverage for these may be limited to specific procedures. Some of the companies provide their employees with an annual health check-up, at private hospitals. This includes blood tests, blood pressure and height and weight check-up. Group health insurance may not necessarily cover the health care of the employee?s spouse or dependents.Low cost group health insurance is a lot more affordable than individual health insurance, but it has its share of disadvantages and drawbacks. Apart from the limited choices of doctors offered by the HMO policies, some of the companies suddenly impose strict health care policies, such as a ?no smoking for the insurers. These policies in regard to personal health are often interfering.